the ingredients of Cyril Lignac’s recipes for Thursday, March 26, 2020

All in the kitchen! This is the name of the new show by Cyril Lignac, broadcast daily, Monday to Friday, until April 3 at least. Every evening at 6:45 pm, the French can change their minds in front of M6 by cooking in these times of confinement linked to the coronavirus crisis. A live program to combine business with pleasure and offer the people of France to prepare their dinner while having fun watching their TV. With them, in their screen, the host Jérôme Anthony, who tries to follow the advice of the chef from his kitchen in Nancy. Several French families are also on the duplex to prepare delicious meals directly. Finally, guests intervene regularly. Camille Cerf, Kev Adams, Max Boublil and even Ary Abittan have made appearances.

The full list of ingredients for the week

The recipe for Tous en cuisine works wonderfully: since its launch on Saturday March 22, 2020, the new program from the sixth channel has been a hit. The first evening, the program gathered more than 1,301,000 viewers and 6.2% market share. M6 therefore decided, “following very positive comments after the first broadcast”, to program Tous en cuisine every night … until further notice. And for everyone to find themselves in the kitchen facing the favorite cook of the French, you still have to have all the ingredients to be ready. Below is a list of all the ingredients that you will use to prepare the chef’s recipes until the end of the week, Friday March 27, 2020. Afterwards, all you have to do is shout: “All at the table.” On Wednesday March 25, Cyril Lignac’s program was confirmed with 1,578. 000 viewers.

Ingredients for the Thursday March 26 recipe

CARROT VELVET SCENTED WITH CURCUM The ingredients for 4 people: • 250g of carrots • 40g of sweet butter • 2g of turmeric powder or cumin or curry • 25 cl of liquid cream • Coarse salt Finishing elements

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