The kitchen, wellness refuge (and new career) for Meghan Markle after the Megxit?

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially ended their engagements in the royal family, questions remain as to the continuation of their activities. We know that the Duchess of Sussex has already signed a contract with Disney, in which she will lend her voice to the documentary. Elephant, broadcast on the Disney + platform on April 3. But she could also reconnect with one of her long-standing passions: cooking.

An anonymous source reportedly told US Weekly magazine that Meghan Markle could write a cookbook. The Duchess had already collaborated on a culinary work in 2018, by signing the preface to Together: our community cookbook. The latter listed recipes prepared by survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire in London. Meghan Markle even went to their kitchen, the Hubb Community Kitchen, several times to prepare dishes with them.

“A long-standing interest”

In the preface to Together: our community cookbook, Meghan Markle returns to her link with cooking: “I have a long-standing interest in the history of food – where it comes from, why we love it, how it brings us together: and for this universal connection to a community, that we feel when we break the bread ”. The moments spent in the Hubb Community Kitchen, preparing dishes with women from India, Uganda or Morocco, are among his “dearest” memories: “This cultural diversity creates what I would describe as a passport on a plate: a meal has the power to take you to places you have never been, or to take you back to where you come from. ”

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Dishes that have “meaning”

She remembers her favorite children’s dish, made from cabbage, cowpea (a variety of dry peas) and corn bread: “We ate it for New Year, an ancestral tradition in which each ingredient has a meaning: peas for prosperity, green vegetables for wealth, corn for health and food. It was not a simple New Year’s resolution. It was a wish. It was not just a meal. It was a story. “

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The Duchess also recalls her student years in Chicago, during which she was sometimes impatient to return home to taste a “bowl of okra” prepared by her mother. But also poutine and other Canadian specialties discovered while working in Toronto, as an actress in the series Suits. And the fish tacos, these fish tacos and other dishes of Mexican influence tasted in Los Angeles, his hometown. “We have all had this experience where we taste a bite, close our eyes, enjoy, and we remember (…) the first time we tasted it. If chicken broth is often touted to cure the soul as much as a cold, there is a reason: there is something deeply invigorating about the taste of a dish that makes sense to us. “

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A new path?

Before getting engaged to Prince Harry and then becoming Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle ran a lifestyle blog, The Tig, in which she talked about fashion, travel, but also delivered her favorite recipes and restaurant addresses. As a good Californian, she would have a weakness for avocado toast, as evidenced in January 2019 by the post of make-up artist Daniel Martin, invited to lunch at her home.

It’s also a recipe from dip to the lawyer that she would have preferred among those learned at the Hubb Community Kitchen, to such an extent that “she now makes this home” this dish. Blog or cookbook, cooking may be one of the new paths that Meghan Markle will explore in her new life. While waiting for the end of confinement, let us bet that it simply brings him some respite on a daily basis.

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