Raised in the paradise of cooks and gourmets in January 2018, Paulo from the banks of the Saône had prepared the transmission of the former three-star Lyon with the agreement of his own. His daughter Françoise Bernachon manages the legendary restaurant and his brother Jérôme, based in Epcot in Florida, the other part of the empire: the Lyon breweries, the Parisian at the Hôtel du Louvre, the development center and the -300 brand employees whose three great MOF chefs were recruited by Paul himself.

The crew of the Paul Bocuse restaurant. | Bocuse

These professionals of the kitchen, the dining rooms, the management remain animated by the Bocuse spirit, that is to say loyalty to a man, to a genius of French restoration considered as the patriarch of the Maison Bocuse born in 1924.

The vast majority of the staff knew the student of Fernand Point, the friend of Troisgros, Georges Duboeuf, Bernard Pivot, the woodcock hunter and the founder of the Bocuse d’Or, the culinary Olympics all two years in Lyon.

At the piano, the great Paul was rigorous, he had a heart of gold. The inn, well located along the Saône, was a second family for the staff attached to the sustainability of the fabulous house in Collonges.

VGE soup with black truffles and foie gras. | Patrick Rougereau

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“data-reactid =” 30 “> The creator of the black truffle soup VGE simmered for his Legion of Honor at the Élysée in 1975 was uncompromising on the composition of the dishes, from chicken to bladder (sublime recipe), from wolves in a crust Choron sauce (tomato) passing by the floating island with pralines. We did not touch these almost eternal preparations, they pleased and corresponded to the ethics of (…) Read more on Slate.fr