VIDEO Everyone in the kitchen: “under stress”, Jérôme Anthony did not understand anything about one of the recipes of the day

This Tuesday, March 31, Jérôme Anthony, despite himself, made Cyril Lignac laugh in Tous en cuisine. Completely lost, the host had a lot of trouble following the dessert of the day recipe.

What would be a number of All in the kitchen without the little touch of madness from Jérôme Anthony? Monday March 30, the host caused hilarity Cyril Lignac by missing his arrival on the air. Wearing a motorcycle helmet, the former presenter of France has an incredible talent… it continues appeared hidden behind his worktop. ” Sorry, I catch my breath, he declared while getting up. There, I just finished my little weekend hike! I went from the bedroom, to the living room, to the office. I climbed the couch, I rappelled down to the cellar. I’m exhausted, but I’m super happy to find you Cyril. I really missed you over the weekend. ” And the most famous PAF chef to laugh : ” I loved your arrival! You know you missed it a bit. “

Jérôme Anthony completely lost

This Tuesday, March 31, it was despite himself that Jérôme Anthony made Cyril Lignac laugh. In the new issue of All in the kitchen, the sidekick of Mercotte proposed to the viewers to concoct macaroni with tomato stew mozzarella and lime eggs in snow with vanilla custard. A dessert whose host Hit Machine Generation had a hard time following the recipe. After beating the egg whites until stiff, Cyril Lignac told the participants of the day that they should add sugar. ” But what sugar? “Said Jérôme Anthony, who was completely lost.

But no, but I am deceived! I put the sugar in custard, m ****! Said Joseph’s father, who was desperately trying to find his packet of powdered sugar. Cyril Lignac explained that the recipe for the day required two servings of sugar: one for custard and the other for egg whites. ” Is that so ? P **** I’m in stress! “Exclaimed Jerome Anthony, before trying to catch up. ” Hey i post all the ingredients on AZ Kitchen, you have no excuses my friend “Reprimanded the juror of the Best pastry chef. It is however not complicated!